Skool Community Platform was founded in 2023 with the purpose of promoting great community platforms using  simple online community software applications and is owned by the Hooty company. Hooty.co has 5 employees with a home office in Wilmington, Delaware. Although Hooty.co Is located in Delaware, we provide online global support as needed.

Skool Community Platform Mission Statement
Our mission at Skool Community Platform is simple, promote the best online platforms to host your courses and masterminds to create a thriving online community and to leverage the Skool platform to its maximum. Our goal is to help you increase your community exposure by generating leads passively, leverage online web strategies and to offer excellent customer support for all those trying to create a passive income online.

Our motto at Skool Community Platform is: “Promote the best top communities online”.

The Skool platform is operated by the team and its founder Sam Ovens. Sam Ovens is a serious and honest marketer and entrepreneur and we at Skool Community Platform.com are excited to be ambassadors on this income generating system. The Skool Community Platform.com ambassador website is located at 300 Delaware Ave, Ste 210 #440 Wilmington, DE 1980 and we operate a fully digital business online. The official Skool platform is at skool.com

The Skool Community Platform prides itself on its office privacy policies and is a huge advocate for human rights across the United States of America and specifically in Wilmington, Delaware. Consumer safety is the number one priority at The Skool Community Platform and our ambassador team have been vaccinated for Covid-19 to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Our office can be contacted at any time through email: [email protected].

From all of us at the skoolcommunityplatform.com ambassador team, we wish the best of luck with all of your making money online adventures.